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“Management of technical documentation for TD-ers”

Like in 2006, the one-day seminar “Managing Technical Documentation for Technicians” was held on 27 November last year. We were once again delighted by the strong interest displayed by more than 40 participants, which proves that the topic appeals to technical service personnel

The seminar was provided by KEMP in cooperation with DOCUMENT and was held at the initiative of MMC.

DOCUMENT is a business fully dedicated to dealing with the problem area of document management and also possesses enormous theoretical know-how in that area (also see important links).

KEMP’s approach is generally practically oriented, whereby the maximum result is sought using limited resources.

The seminar takes a bird’s eye look at the problems that come up in practice and potential solutions for them. With question & answer and discussion sessions during the presentations, various subjects are looked at in more depth and linkages are laid with practice.

The topics dealt with include:

  • Why manage technical documentation?
    • Based on the technician’s primary task example graphic
    • Based on legislation
    • For efficiency reasons
  • Types of document and their manifestations
  • Giving shape to technical document management
  • Document management tools

Apart from specific packages that exist for document management, the last topic also covers the options provided for by existing maintenance management packages in this area today. Such packages increasingly cover this function. Also see the maintenance management package “Bop V5” elsewhere on this website.

Whether a one-day seminar will be organised again in 2008 is not yet known, partly because we are considering organising a training program on this subject.

With enough participants, this seminar can of course be organised internally within a company. We can also support you in other ways in managing your documentation.

Should you be interested, please use the contact form on this site.