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AFS Schiphol installs MBA conductivity measurement

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KEMP a business with a full 25 years of experience


KEMP is a technical consultancy firm which aims at a durable relationship with all involved. The following key principles are applied thereby.


  • Project management and technical consulting across the entire breadth
  • Partner for (non-) commercial and government organizations
  • Added value for all involved

Core values

  • Integral thinking
  • Extension of the client
  • Thinking in quality, and working accordingly
  • Clear coordination through results-driven agreements and planning
  • Continuous feedback towards the goals
  • Inventorying risks and making them controllable
  • Adding expertise
  • Practice-oriented manner of working geared to the assignment


Project management / Engineering / Maintenance management / Environmental permits and environmental care activities

Specialisation - Engineering
Concrete mortar, dry mortar, asphalt, cement, gypsum and stone crushers

KEMP assignments

For extensive information about these projects, see the references list or request the folder here.

Communication with the customer

Informal and geared to the client


We achieve the price-performance ratio by working with a small and multidisciplinary team.

Side activities

Sales of BOPV5 maintenance management software

Sales of technical products (on this site soon)
Products from brands such as MBA Instruments, VEGA, EBRO and WAM for the following industries: Concrete, animal fodder, chemicals, plastics, paints and ceramics industry, glass and other processes such as mud and waste management, foundries and mechanical transport.

Document management


Informal and non-conformist

KEMP team attributes

Agreed is agreed, customer-driven, involvement, responsibility, integrity, results-driven, all-round

KEMP team talents

The talents of KEMP employees and our freelance team members are in the field of working together in a small and multidisciplinary team with short lines at small and medium-sized enterprises. They are thoroughbred experts in the following engineering fields:
(Tool) construction / environmental and electrical technology, industrial automation and environmental management.

Permanent employees at KEMP


Frans KruseIng. Frans (J.F.K.) Kruse

Director-owner / senior project manager

Send an email to F. Kruse

+31 (0) 6 519 899 41

Experience: Cement industry, dry mortar industry, water purification, paper industry, steel industry, rubber industry and non-woven textiles industry

Michel WeissmanMichel (M.S.) Weissman

Project team member / assembly team leader

Send an email to M. Weissman

+31 (0) 6 202 852 00

Experience: Cement industry, dry mortar industry, transport fleet management, BopV5 implementations

Jacqueline KruseNanda (N.) Kruse

Head of Marketing and Communication

Send an email to N. Kruse

+31 (0) 6 535 497 76

Experience: -


Monique BroekkampMonique (M.A.M.) Broekkamp

Sales assistant / administration

Send an email to M. Broekkamp

+31 (0) 74 291 40 23

Experience: chemicals industry, cement industry


Monique BroekkampKarin (K.D.) Haaksema

Sales assistant

Send an email to K. Haaksema

+31 (0) 74 291 40 23

Experience: transport, logistics


Freelancers working at KEMP

Henk BruerenDrs. Ing.Henk (H.J.H.) Brueren

Senior project manager

Send an email to H. Brueren

+31 (0) 6 493 850 20

Expertise: environmental consulting for businesses, advice on enforcement proceedings, mediation in environmental conflicts