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Vibratory High Grade & CIPable Sifters of ALVIBRA

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AFS Schiphol installs MBA conductivity measurement

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Why is working on a project basis so important?

    • Avoidance of the following problems:
      • Contracts
        • Drag on
        • Become too expensive
        • Are unclear
        • Change uncontrollably
      • People refuse to cooperate
      • Nobody is satisfied with the result
      • Nobody commits themselves

By working on a project basis with a multidisciplinary team that includes sales and production responsibility as well as technicians, one builds a team that can look for the best possible solutions from all the perspectives. To steer such a process towards a realistic and concrete final goal, a project needs to display the following attributes:

    • A phased approach
    • Management of key aspects

Project management beheerselementen

During execution it is important to strive to complete a current phase successfully before moving on to the next phase. The following final result should be sought for each phase:

  • Initiation phase
  • All involved have the same understanding of the project (what it is and what it is not!)
  • Definition phase
  • The concrete project result is set out in terms of performance, requirements and wants (project or technical specifications)
  • Design phase
  • There is a design worked out in detail
  • Preparation phase
  • Execution is properly prepared and can start
  • Realisation phase
  • The result is as set out in the project document
  • Aftercare phase
  • Use and management of the project outcome is as intended


    These results will not be possible without control. A good project pays attention to all the essential elements that ultimately define the result of a project:

  • Time management
  • The project result needs to be realised within the defined deadlines and capacity (people and resources)
  • Money management
  • The costs of the project activities need to stay within budget so that the project realises the planned returns
  • Quality management
  • The project must meet the requirements set (within the margins), with intermediate testing
  • Information management
  • The project result needs to be clearly established and approved. Who needs to be informed must also be established.
  • Organisation management
  • Ensuring that everybody’s tasks and responsibilities are set out, but also the manner of working together and transfer of (partial) results.


    KEMP has project managers at its disposal with a full 25 years of experience in leading multidisciplinary teams.