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In our previous newsletter we told you that the interest in “efficient maintenance” is growing in the industry. Also at companies in the animal nutrition segment. Animal nutrition is produced in a market where maximum performance needs to be delivered against an optimum price. The BopV5 package is helping some companies in that industry to achieve those goals. The package has extensive options and a good price-quality ratio. You’ll find comprehensive information on our website.
Below you’ll find examples of animal nutrition companies that have recently put BopV5 into operation.

“De Heus” in Meppel started working with BopV5 last year. They took a dynamic approach to the installation and filling of the database and the first results became apparent really quickly. At the moment they are working with the full system and evaluating it. Based on that they will continue optimizing the system and the technical management.

Fellow nutrition manufacturer, Agrifood, is also working with BopV5 together with the technical service provider unit of Mourik Meppel BV. Given that many companies have chosen to (partially) outsource maintenance in recent years, investments have also been made in the BopV5 programs in order to address the specific needs of the service providers.

DOC Kaas in HoogevenDOC Kaas in Hoogeveen has already been using BopV5 for many years. Despite having a lot of maintenance performed by external companies, they use BopV5 to keep a grip on the costs. They do that by applying a strict purchasing procedure. For that purpose, the system has various phases for a purchase order:

  • Enquired
  • Ordered
  • Received
  • Paid

The administration uses the data and statuses of the purchase orders to audit and approve invoices. Receipt of the goods can be recorded by order line and partial delivery.
As a user with experience from the very outset within DOC Kaas, Marcel Botter Fik also acts as the coordinator for BopV5 within the company. The employees of DOC Kaas make intensive use of BopV5 and, as users, have also contributed to the continuous improvement of BopV5. The accent thereby is on further improving the user-friendliness of the package. What’s more, partly thanks to input from DOC Kaas, the package has grown enormously in terms of functionality. We listen to our users and, together with our customers, arrive at the best solutions.

Cooperation with the German consulting firm, P.P.E.
Although we have already worked together with P.P.E. for several years on projects, among others in Belgium and Morocco, we have now chosen for a more intensive cooperation. P.P.E. and Kemp are very similar in terms of scope, but there are clear differences when it comes to accent.
The strength of P.P.E. lies among other things in its full 25 years of experience in the building materials and animal nutrition industry, while KEMP - with the dealership for BopV5 - has a good answer to the problems of many production operations. In view of the fact that KEMP is working very intensively on the German market with BopV5, a cooperation with P.P.E. offers super support. On the other hand, KEMP can support P.P.E. in projects, especially in the English-, Dutch- and French-speaking countries. One example of that is the project for a gypsum producer in Morocco last year. The personnel of both companies will be deployed flexibly, whereby the work on projects will be performed at the location where the best expertise is present. For that purpose, the working procedures of both businesses will be geared further to one another. Contact persons:

Logo PPE Jürgen Trantow       +49-160 28 36 410
Frank Husse           +49-172 91 52 095

Haus 2 A
Münsterstraβe 5
D-59065 HAMM


3D software3d tekening
Last year we already gathered experience in designing system parts in 3D in a number of our projects. The benefits of 3D design are huge, the spatial insight grows enormously, and without using that technology we would not have been able to successfully realise our projects.
Last month we acquired the 3D package, Solid Works, and started training the personnel. It will still take some time before we have filled the library needed with components, but we are working flat out on that at the moment. Small modifications are now already being developed in 3D and we are striving to realise the first complete project in 3D by the end of this year. We will, of course, continue supporting drawings in Auto-cad if needed.

A number of cement mortar installations were at the forefront last summer. For the Rijnmond cement plant in Rotterdam, a KEMP employee accompanied the preventive maintenance and, of course, also worked actively in it. The project was delivered completely to plan. We also carried out an inspection and repair on the silo filters at Dycore in Hasselt. The installation now again meets the requirements set out in the environmental permit (residual dust less than 5 mg per cubic metre of filtered air).

Despite the recession, there are still plenty of large-scale construction projects being launched. Such projects often make use of temporary cement plants based on site. In the past, KEMP has already proven that it can handle the planning permit procedure for such an installation quickly and expertly. We have again been asked to support such a project.

Once again, the last six months have proven the versatility of KEMP and its partners. We help companies in the entire trajectory from building and environmental permit, design, realisation up to and including maintenance.

Interested? Call or e-mail us for an appointment entirely without obligation (+31-74-2914023).