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MBA 100 MembranE switch

The simple level detector reacts to pressure: MBA 100MBA100

The MBA 100 is a mechanical level detection switch for bulk material. The switching process is performed by the pressure the bulk material onto the detectors stainless steel membrane. This actuates a micro-switch which can trigger an electrical signal.

  • for free-flowing bulk materials
  • overfill protection for conveyor belts
  • overfill protection for transfer stations
  • back pressure detection in pipes
  • back pressure detection of bucket elevators
  • no power consumption in operation
  • no calibration necessary
  • no adjustment necessary
  • micro switch controls the signal only
  • all-purpose use for all kind of bulk material
  • product-contacting parts made of stainless steel
  • flexibility in dimensions and materials
  • sidewise or angular til 45°
  • Flush mounted with wall of container

Product Information/Operation Manual

MBA100 Membrane switchmba-200-kurz