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AFS Schiphol installs MBA conductivity measurement

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MBA Instruments (MAIHAK) brings MBA808

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MBA 700 Vibrating paddle

Reliable level measurement with patented vibrating single rodMBA 700

Sticking of bulk material between the fork rakes (as it is noticed very often at a vibrating fork) is impossible with the vibrating single rod technology. The measuring procedure is not bound to the type of bulk material. Consequently the MBA 700 is well applied for frequently changing materials especially for powder materials.


Applications: Full, demand or empty measurement
  • vibration at 290 Hz avoides „shovel itself free“
  • approved for light bulk materials up to 10 g/l weight
  • vibrating paddle sensor solely made of stainless steel
  • approved in separation layers (water/sand)  
  • 3 adjustable sensitivities
  • 2 alarm signals: full and empty
  • sword-shaped vibrating paddle prevents formation of deposits on the vibrating part
  • vertical, horizontal or inclined
  • contacting material only stainless steel
  • multi power supply: 20 …230 V AC/DC
  • immersion depth up to 4000 mm with rod extension
  • immersion depth up to 20.000 mm with special cable connection


Product Information/Operation Manual