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MBA 808 Reliable level indicator and also pile bulldozer for bulk material

MBA Instruments brings MBA808 on the market. This level indicator with paMBA808tented step motor drive, ensures that the entire silo space is used and will give a full signal. 
The MBA 808 has two different functions:
1. Levelling the cone.
2. Level measurement.
In the silo a slowly rotating paddle, with a maximum diameter of 2500mm, will planish the bulk from the inside to the outside. Therefore the edge area will be filled with bulk and the capacity of the silo increases.
The signal switches, if the rotation of the shaft is blocked.

without MBA808
behind embankment stays empty

with MBA808
behind embankment will be filled.


Technical information about the MBA808
Power supply:
Supply voltage: 24 V DC (± 10%)
Power consumption: 30 W
Full indicator:
Signal output: 24V DC or dry contacts, support up to 30V 1.2A.
Full indicator: the signal is activated when the axis of rotation is blocked.
Switching behavior: The parameters speed, reaction time, switching speed and delay time are optimally matched to the application.
Strength: adjustable up to 20 Nm

Typical applications
Productions and storage of pellets, bulk loads or pills.


Product Information

MBA800 Brochure